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Women have been in healthcare from its existence and continue to play a critical role in the overall growth and development of healthcare. Though unrecognized for their role in the implementation of key programs, promoting better health through education and delivering service to patients, families and visitors, they are the backbone to healthcare all over the globe.

Women account for over 65% of employees in healthcare with registered nurses as its largest occupation of which women make up the largest number. That is why, this platform is designed to recognize and celebrate women in healthcare for their invaluable contributions to health while continually improving the quality of their lives as females.

Women In Health Overview

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To introduce, recognize, celebrate, engage, share experiences and best practices, educate, coach, mentor and prepare future leaders for top leadership positions in the healthcare industry.


To impact the world through a network of influential women in health that display their strengths, skills, ethnicity and influence on the healthcare profession.




W– Welcome,

I- Interconnect

N- Nurture.

Our Mission
Core Values
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This platform is different because even though there has been focus on women as professionals, there has been no direct focus on women in an industry like healthcare that has a multitude of occupations under one umbrella where women make up the majority.

We as women in health value and understand that every role played by a female in healthcare assist with achieving positive outcomes and customer satisfaction. That is why “ALL” categories of women in health from the C-Suite to the frontline are considered equal contributors.


Each one makes a WHOLE.

What makes women in health different

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Membership only involves being present in the now,  respecting the views of others and contributing in ways that speak to your uniqueness and talent as a Woman in Health and socially.

Perks of Membership

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group

  • Access to self development

  • Discounts on professional career industry trainings

  • Access to Group Coaching & Mentorship

  • Bi Weekly Women In Health Online Show



  • There’s no cost

  • Global platform

  • Engaging conversations and teachings

  • Supportive likeminded community

  • Network of talent

Why Join!

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Who is Women in Health for?

​Membership is for any woman in the health profession who are desirous of being part of a network of female achievers in health who are self-driven, focused, determined, supportive and empowered to become and develop great female leaders in healthcare.

Do you like what you are seeing?

Are You ready to join?

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