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Aubynette Rolle Author, Healthcare Execu
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A question was asked to a group of patients - As a patient being treated in “ANY” hospital or clinic, what would you consider to be MOST important to you: (With 1 being the MOST important and 4 being the LEAST important).


Hence the name of the book Many will be astounded by the opinions, concerns and the findings of that one question. In the pages of The R.I.C.H. Experience you will hear the voice of patients in healthcare communities. We must shift and design an organizational culture that is beyond patients but people centered that provides value-based care. When we respond positively to the needs of all, then we will see improved health outcomes, patient satisfaction, loyalty and trust.


A registered nurse and midwife by first profession, having advanced as a Health Care Executive, Attorney-at-Law and certified as a professional in Healthcare Risk Management, from the American Hospital Association, Mrs. Rolle understands the importance of keeping up to date with current healthcare practices, strategies and processes to eliminate or reduce preventable harm to patients, and the negative outcome to patient, family, provider and organization. With a desire to improve health care globally, Mrs. Rolle aim is to bring awareness, reform, education and change to the industry.


This book is a MUST READ for health care providers, professionals in the industry their teams. It is also for patients receiving medical care and their families.


Welcome to the R.I.C.H Experience Workbook. It is designed to explore and discuss attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in healthcare and how they affect patients. The importance of autonomy, respect, education and diversity must be protected and guaranteed regardless of gender, race, age, color or socioeconomic status.


The workbook focuses on the role of patients and families partnering with the health team in the provision of safe, trusted and timely service as a priority. Healthcare involves people and not patients alone and as such “people centered care” is paramount.


Our hope is that this workbook which acts as the voice of the patient will affect positive change and patients will have a RICH Experience when accessing healthcare services anywhere around the globe.

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