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Keep Pushing

THIS WEEK’S NEXT LEVEL Reminder Over the past few months, individuals have experienced and enjoyed the benefits of creativity and growth. However, for many, they have experienced the loss of love ones, jobs and the desire to just keep moving. Uncertainty as to the next steps has even been troubling for the most skilled scientist. The world suddenly had to adjust and adapt to survive. Amid it all, I encourage you to centre your thoughts on the One who is always with us. His love, gifts, favours and promises never changes. God will see you through.

Like the song writer says, “ may not know how, you may not know when, but He’ll do it again…” The Creator is all knowing and will never forsake you. This crisis can either be viewed as a problem or an opportunity. One that allows you to develop new skills, connect, improve relationships, strengthen weaknesses and discover your authentic self. During this season, just hold on and keep pushing. Like this morning when you turned back your clock, God will push back the pain, frustration and disappointments and provide new opportunities for your better tomorrow.

This part of the journey was meant to build your faith muscles. Wait with great anticipation as your face usually drowning in tears now shifts as you experience the movement of muscles that create a big smile. Get ready to embrace your new tomorrow and a new YOU. #mountainmover #ourGodisawesome

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