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Finding Balance while working remotely.

While some organizations have successfully transitioned to employees working remotely, what started off as being a happy place for employees with the freedom to work in pajamas in bed, avoiding lengthy commuting and traffic, has now resulted in employees experiencing isolation and fatigue. A vast number of virtual meetings in relax personal spaces have extended beyond the average work week.

Employees must find balance to avoid fatigue and burnout resulting in decrease productivity. These tips can help you find balance: 1. Schedule meetings similarly to face to face meetings that would allow for coffee and lunch breaks as per your organizational policy. 2. Identify a workplace at home and operate similarly as if in office. 3. Take frequent, short stretches throughout the day to promote blood flow and circulation. 4. Change the scenery by walking outdoors to help clear your mind. 5. Speak up, recommend or proposed dates and times for rescheduling meetings which will allow time to plan and increase performance. 6. Try not to utilize your bedroom as a workspace. Keep it as a place known for relaxing, unwinding and sleeping. Don’t send mix messages to your BRAIN and interrupt your sleep pattern. 7. Allocate and distribute work where possible getting frequent updates as to the next steps and elements that may require your input. #findingbalance #workplacetips


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