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Are you creating an electrical hazard?

Electrical Safety is designed to ensure a safe working environment that protects employees and your organization from the potential effects of electrical current, electromagnetic fields, static electricity which can result in a fire, injury or the death of an individual by electric shock.

Here are some safety tips to avoid loss and injuries: 1. DO NOT overcrowd an electrical socket which can result in shortages and fire. 2. All electrical outlets should be properly grounded. 3. Electrical wiring should be properly covered. 4. Electrical cords should be examined on a routine basis for fraying and exposed wiring. 5. Defective cords should be replaced or repaired as needed. 6. Position electrical cords so that they do not present a tripping or slipping hazard. 7. Do not place extension cords through doorways having doors that can be closed and thereby damage the cord. 8. Unplug or switch off electrical appliances when not in use or while cleaning, repairing or servicing. 9. Equipment that may heat up, spark, burn or smoke should be immediately removed from service.

10. Avoid handling electrical equipment or appliances with wet hands or near water and wet surfaces.

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