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For some women, COVID-19 allowed them to discover their creativity and birth new opportunities. However, for many, they have been stricken by fear and uncertainty questioning their worth, value and whether they will ever regain from losses incurred during this pandemic.

Well, if this describes you or another female, join us as together we shine light into that dark space, as we share some of our difficult times experienced during this pandemic and how you can once again achieve and conquer your goals. It’s all about small, intentional and guided steps.

Put on the right lenses, step out on faith & envision the possibilities!       

Confident Woman

Webinar Details

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Date: Sunday, December 27th, 2020 Time: 7pm


Participants will discover practical tips on how to:

  • •Remain significant in the midst uncertainty and loss

  • •Become an advocate and embrace change

  • •Experience exponential sustainable growth


Meet Our Speakers

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Aubynette is an innovative healthcare catalyst with over 30 years in healthcare starting her career as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in public and private healthcare sectors presently serving as Director of Quality & Patient Safety for all the state-owned public hospitals and several standalone healthcare clinics in Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.


She has 20+ years of experience driving continuous patient and safety improvements across hospital functions and believes in cultivating a culture of patient healing though caring and collaborative operations. She is consistently developing, building and expanding quality healthcare programs while streamlining and strengthening processes and identifying inefficiencies.

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Debbie Sears Barnard is founding Principal for Diamond Cut Leadership Network and currently works as consultant with Joint Commission International. Her passion for healthcare improvement has led her to collaborate with healthcare leaders, including clinicians and other providers from the bedside to the boardroom. She describes herself as a “Wanderlust Continuous Improvement Professional, who has lived in 5 countries, worked with organizations on 4 continents. Her personal mission drives her to use her work and volunteer time to help co-create a world that works for all.

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Dr. Lenora Jane Black is a Speaker, Author, and an Entrepreneur. She has served as a trained Teacher, Team Leader, Senior Mistress, Vice Principal, Principal and District Superintendent in New Providence-Northeastern District and Abaco District. As an educator and leader her driving motto was, ‘One’ Goal: “Excellence for Each Student in Each Classroom in Each School’. She has used her successful leadership and change management strategies to inspire and achieve outstanding results within her district. Dr. Black’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Miami where she was selected Valedictorian for the class of 1982. In addition, she has earned a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Public Administration and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Educational Leadership. A widow and mother of three brilliant sons, Jermaine, Julian, and Javon (deceased), Dr. Black unreservedly shares successful strategies which she used in rearing her sons. An active member and Elder of Life Gate Christian Ministries International, Dr. Black resolutely believes that the love shared among children with whom she interacts is the ‘vehicle’ God uses to bless her household where she shares her love for reading, writing, traveling, and cooking.

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