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Ways To Work With Aubynette

There are 4 ways to receive high level guidance and support from Aubynette.


Attend Upcoming Leadership Workshops 

DISC Behavioral Assessments & Report

1:1 Consultation

and Coaching

Speaker for your high level event 

DISC Behavioral 

Assessments & Reports

What shapes our behavior? Do you know?

Using the framework of DISC, we can begin to identify some of these behavior patterns so that we then know what to expect. If we know what to expect, we can use the right strategies to bring out our best work and relationships.

You will learn:

  • About yourself and others

  • Discover how God designed you

  • Discuss the strengths of each personality style.

  • Learn how to improve communication.


​A DISC Assessment will provide information about your Do’s & Don’ts. E.g

DISC Photo 2.png
Business Consultation
Disc photo.png
Young Business Woman

One on One Consultation & Coaching Sessions

Through your one to one sessions with Aubynette her goal is to prepare you as a future leader, strengthening existing leadership skills through mentoring and coaching.

If you are serious about shifting, and seeing positive and sustainable transformation in your yourself, employees and your organizational health, contact Aubynette, The Next Level Consultant to take you to the next level. You are a Difference Maker.  

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